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Tales from Arondell: Legacy [Chapter 14] :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 0 0
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Briar the Fallen by Kate-ColourTheory
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Briar the Fallen :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 2 3
Sunset colour drawing by Kate-ColourTheory Sunset colour drawing :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 5 3 Forest colour drawing by Kate-ColourTheory Forest colour drawing :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 6 2 Moonlit beach by Kate-ColourTheory Moonlit beach :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 3 1 Line drawing by Kate-ColourTheory Line drawing :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 4 4 Briar the Fallen concept WIP 1 by Kate-ColourTheory
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Briar the Fallen concept WIP 1 :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 1 0
Briar the Fallen concept WIP 2 by Kate-ColourTheory
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Briar the Fallen concept WIP 2 :iconkate-colourtheory:Kate-ColourTheory 2 1
Please browse the various folders in my gallery, and don't be afraid to critique/comment. I don't bite. :D [That said, anything offensive/insulting will be ignored, but if you give constructive feedback, then I will try to do the same. :meow: It just might take awhile. ;P ]


Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
‘Twas the night before Christmas on DeviantArt,
Not a paintbrush was stirring, and creators took heart.
The artists scrolled through Daily Deviations with care
Knowing kindred warm-fuzzies soon would be there.
Deviants were all swiping, all snug on their phones
While visions of inspiration across all time zones
Were zapped to their smart device, quick as can be,
At the tap of a button in a +Fav’ing spree!
When across the Interwebs there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to the Comments to see what was the matter,
“I’m bored,” the Journal wrote, “I’m on a long trip, too.
I don’t have my laptop, and there’s nothing to do.”
I cracked all my knuckles, settled down in my chair,
Then descended upon the keyboard and wrote with a flair:
“Dear Friend, did you not get DA’s early present?
We now have an app, and it won’t cost you one cent!
“On, Watch Feed! On, Browse! On, Explore! On, Today!
Tap-and-hold to fave, sha
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,947 5,186
Rainbow Falls 2 by dollsyndrome Rainbow Falls 2 :icondollsyndrome:dollsyndrome 46 28 Pink and black yarn falls by dollsyndrome Pink and black yarn falls :icondollsyndrome:dollsyndrome 17 14 Rainbow Yarn falls 1 by dollsyndrome Rainbow Yarn falls 1 :icondollsyndrome:dollsyndrome 112 51
Spider Bytes
They waited at the mouth of the service corridor, the mezzanine railing just a few meters away. Above them somewhere, the heavy thumping of the security spider marked its progress in its pursuit of them. Across an open space broken at intervals by tree trunks and greenery, the armored glass of the laboratory stretched floor to ceiling, and out of sight in either direction.
"That going to present a problem?" A rhetorical question. Mett knew Gaez wouldn't have signed on for this if it wasn't going to present a challenge.
"Working on it" the disinterested reply. Gaez was more interested in their stalker.
They broke cover and sprinted left, hugging the wall. Cameras hung limp and blind at frequent intervals from the ceiling, one of the many indicators that Gaez had taken ownership of the facility's less deadly security systems.
A whine from above, rising in pitch, was abruptly punctuated by a volley of sabot rounds fired across the garden atrium into the laboratory windows. Large pieces of
:iconsrsmith:SRSmith 3 16
CHAO AB ORDO: we by bluefluke CHAO AB ORDO: we :iconbluefluke:bluefluke 27 5 The Psychonaut Field Manual: Russian edition by bluefluke The Psychonaut Field Manual: Russian edition :iconbluefluke:bluefluke 31 6 #06 Purple [ Karim ] by DamaiMikaz #06 Purple [ Karim ] :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,589 107 #01 Red [ Sato ] by DamaiMikaz #01 Red [ Sato ] :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,600 68 An epic battle by DamaiMikaz An epic battle :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,111 72 I love you, Jollwin Lonegreen by Vyrhelle-VyrL
Mature content
I love you, Jollwin Lonegreen :iconvyrhelle-vyrl:Vyrhelle-VyrL 4,498 368
Exciting News!
Hello, my friends! :wave:
I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new website! Finally, I have a central place where I can showcase all of my creative jewelry visions, with links to where I can be officially commissioned, and where existing pieces can be purchased. 
My beloved brother, Josh Reynolds, founder and CEO of J-Tech Communications, created the site for me; he and his company do impeccable work, with easily-navigable, clean, fully-functional on any platform and truly beautiful sites for the many different types of client in their repertoire.
So, could you all help me out? I need as many folks as possible, as soon as possible, to link to, so that Google can start indexing and ranking it — making me easier to find. I thank you all in advance, and hope you enjoy your visit!
:heart: Copper
:iconcopper9lives:copper9lives 4 6
I caught a glimpse of you
Passing by
Carrying your promises
And reminders of my best
Come back
Let me live in your comforting embrace
Feel alive and move forward
I am lost without you
So I'll wait here
With a heavy heart and
My arms open wide
Because I forgive you
:iconrhiannonoeuvre:RhiannonOeuvre 3 1
My breath came hard from my torn chest. The damn dagger must have been goblin-made to leave so jagged a hole. The little bastards are obsessed with teeth. If I lived it would leave a pretty scar.
I grinned into the darkness. I had left dozens of bodies behind me but finally I was here. Finally.
"Daemon!" I shouted. My voice was stronger than it should have been. But I honestly shouldn't even be standing. "Come forth, daemon!"
There was a slithering in the darkness. A near silent hiss.
"Show yourself." I panted.
A chuckle. An echoing voice as deep as the abyss answered my demand. "The little mortal thinks it can give orders? How simple it must be..." Again it chuckled.
I grimaced. The pain was getting to me. "I've earned this."
The slithering came closer. It was like a thousand leaves moving at once. "Earned? Or perhaps it has been punished? None who have been in my shadows ever escape them, mortal."
"I know the rites, daemon. I've paid the blood. I've said the words."
That damne
:iconsenator-blink:Senator-Blink 3 1
Ran'Duhm Sillabuls
Light striking, sweeping white.
Crash the course and fear the fight.
Holding, weeping, feathered flight.
Ever reaching for more height.
Whispered lovers in the night.
Gathered roses, feast of sight.
Arms wrapping, safe in might.
Never feel the hardened plight.
Hunger burns away the rage.
Pride enslaved by a simple cage.
Prison of gold, mocking stage.
Life consumed, sold for wage.
Shadows dance upon the floor.
Glimmering, glistening, more and more.
Hope alights, dare it soar.
Here we be, be five and four.
Listen thrice, and listen well.
A convoluted tolling bell.
Shall it finish? Or be a shell?
Time will say. Time will tell.
:iconsenator-blink:Senator-Blink 2 1
Another time and place. by damien-christian Another time and place. :icondamien-christian:damien-christian 10 7


I love this! It's f*cking awesome! I love the fiery colours, the bright light and the organic quality of the tree and it's branches. :love: ...


Kate-ColourTheory's Profile Picture
Katherine Franklin
Artist | Literature

Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz:

G'day. :D Allow me to introduce myself. :D

I'm a story-teller, since stories are told as pictures and words. For most of my writing, my chosen genre is Dark Fantasy Erotica [in a modern-day like setting of my own creation], and it seems I'm best suited to First Person narration in present tense.

My chosen Media includes: Pen, pencil, paintbrush, paper, needle, fabric, thread, sewing machine, crochet hook, knitting loom, yarn, camera, mouse and keyboard.

My creative style is best described as: Dark fantasy/erotica [prose]; emotional, frequently violent, dark, romantic or erotic [poetry]; surreal/fantasy/dark/nature [digital art, photography, photomanipulation, traditional art]; Quirky/kitsch/child-like and insanely colourful [textiles and soft-toy design].

Please check out the following websites [where I'm also a member]:………

I like to think I'm an open-minded, forgiving, kind [perhaps too kind] and friendly person. Yes, I have spiritual beliefs and these are best described as Discordianism and Wicca, with a firm belief in Karma, Animism, the Gaia Theory and my personal, stranger beliefs thrown into the mix. I created this sigil for myself today:
Personal symbol by Kate-ColourTheory

I'm a colourful [and loud] person, I wear odd socks, I'm easily entertained by the silliest and simplest things, I love nature and animals, I collect things [MANY things ;P], I'm emotionally sensitive, I have a Mental Illness [which I'm managing with medication, enjoyable activities and emotional support], a partner [for close to six and a half years! :love:], and a ten-year-old son. :meow:

Yay! A stamp. :giggle: One of many I'll add, I expect. :lmao: Gonna add moar stamps!
stamp by alwaslgirl Well I certainly try to! :love:
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Have a nice day, folks!
Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger Toilet Paper by dsinger :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz: :iconlardgrinwooplz:…


248 deviations
Hey all. It's been a while, I know, and so much has happened since then.

First of all I've taken a break from writing [I still haven't finished TFA Beast Saga: Metamorphosis] for a couple reasons. I'm trying to sort out my head and my heart, and I've gone back to school to finish Certificate III in Textiles [so I can do Certificate IV next year].

My son turns 12 this Wednesday. This year is his last year of primary school, then he's off to high school. They grow up so quickly, and I'll confess for a large chunk of the last eight years I wasn't there for him. :( [I won't go into details.]

And less than a fortnight ago [a week after I started my course], I separated from my partner of close to eight years. Again I won't go into details, but we're doing the mature thing and trying to live in the same house as friends/housemates. It's beneficial for both of us.

Yes, I have a lot on my mind. I have many personal barriers, childhood trauma and fears/shame to overcome. Yes, I want to wallow in self-pity and perpetuate the familiar self-destructive cycle I've known for most of my life [certainly all of my adult life and during my teens]. Yes, I hate all of the horrible things I've said and done. But I have to forgive myself, accept I've done these things and let that guilt/shame go. Or else I'll stay trapped in the same self-destructive cycle for who knows how long, giving myself more reason to hate myself. And that's bad for me and my son.

Anyway, that's enough dark and depressing thoughts. When one door closes, when one chapter ends, when fire ravages bushland, new growth, new opportunities, a new chapter opens and rises from the ashes of the last. [Dramatic, I know, but I have a flair for the dramatic when I write. ;)]

Hooroo, DA peeps. Thanks in advance for reading and any comments I may receive. :)

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